Arrival in Cheleiros in 2004, the Manz family quickly fell in love with customs and traditions of the village which is helping to rebuilt.

Little by little, its former splendor and dynamism has been recovered, with the dedication of those who really like, and a job that began in Largo da Praça,

near to the river, where also the memories of their elders are.


The Old Primary School, once abandoned, is today the “Lugar do Vinho”, the winery that centralizes all the production of Jampal.

And winepress now welcomes the Manwine store, a permanent exhibition of artefacts from other times, open to the public every day.

Visitors are invited to take a journey through the history of Cheleiros / Carvalhal and, inevitably, the Municipality of Mafra, entering in a "time tunnel" that runs

with fossils and artifacts from earliest times until the evolution and importance of wine in the region .


The buildings retains traces of other times, preserving the local culture and are open to the public, to guided visits and wine tastings

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WEEKDAYS: 9H00 ÀS 18H00 | SATURDAY and SUNDAY: 10H00 ÀS 18H00



Manzwine is a producer of premium wines, created after the rediscovery of a rare grape variety with so much history and years of tradition.

With a unique boutique store in Cheleiros (Mafra, Portugal), Manzwine has won several awards from national and international critics and is currently  exporting to Brazil, USA, China, UK, Poland, Japan and many more.

The winery focuses its production in the village, having unforgettable regional wines of Lisbon such as Dona Fátima – the only one in the whole world exclusively produced with Jampal grape variety. With 9 labels total, Manzwine’s portfolio is further enriched with wines from Alto Douro and Setúbal regions.

Made with passion and result of old dreams, the wines are rich in fragrances and have a velvety flavor.

® MANZWINE        LAGAR ANTIGO | LARGO DA PRAÇA, Nº8 - A | 2640-160 CHELEIROS | PORTUGAL | TEL. (+351) 21 927 94 68 | TM (+351) 91 280 10 66 |  INFO@MANZWINE.COM

How to get there:


GPS coordinates


38º 53’ 20.48” N 9º 19’ 44.28” W


By car: Lisboa> Cheleiros

In Lisbon, take the A5, CREL/A9 e A16/IC16 e N9 until you reach Cheleiros.

By train + Táxi/Uber: Lisboa > Sintra > Cheleiros


Lisboa > Sintra – Take the Sintra Line

Departure stations:

• Estação do Oriente

• Estação do Rossio

• Estação de Entrecampos


Sintra > Cheleiros – By taxi/Uber and take the N9 towards Mafra / Pêro Pinheiro until you reach Cheleiros.