Let yourself be dazzled by the landscape and people of Cheleiros. Enjoy your visit and grab the opportunity to rest and get caught by the bucolic

and peaceful surroundings in a return to the past only about 20 minutes from Lisbon.

For a complete stay, and after a day with the right wine tasting, guided tour of the winery and vineyards and discovery of the Museum, the Manzwine recommends:



Aldeia da Mata Pequena is a small rural village, with a dozen houses.

It is located within the Special Protection Area of Penedo do Lexim,

an extinct volcano where there is an important archaeological site. Proud eagles and stealthy foxes inhabit an extremely rich and

well-preserved natural landscape, inviting visitors to relax, to indulge in leisure activities and to be in contact with nature.

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In Odrinhas, a small village between Sintra and Mafra, Quinta dos Bons Cheiros Design Bed & Breakfast is a peaceful, quiet place,

where you will find good taste, calmness and even personal attention to every detail. With clear Mediterranean inspiration, its beautiful architecture projects a family house comprising two guests bedrooms and a small guest house, whose names are inspired by the wonderful scents of the property.

Besides, these natural elements inspire another feature of Bons Cheiros: the gastronomy.

Meals are prepared according to the guests’ wishes with regional products, such as the freshest fish

and seafood of Ericeira or the biological products of the property. It’s a real treat!

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Manzwine is a producer of premium wines, created after the rediscovery of a rare grape variety with so much history and years of tradition.

With a unique boutique store in Cheleiros (Mafra, Portugal), Manzwine has won several awards from national and international critics and is currently  exporting to Brazil, USA, China, UK, Poland, Japan and many more.

The winery focuses its production in the village, having unforgettable regional wines of Lisbon such as Dona Fátima – the only one in the whole world exclusively produced with Jampal grape variety. With 9 labels total, Manzwine’s portfolio is further enriched with wines from Alto Douro and Setúbal regions.

Made with passion and result of old dreams, the wines are rich in fragrances and have a velvety flavor.

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